East-West Rail

Information about the proposed east to west rail link

Following consultation in 2019, it was announced in January 2020 that the preferred route corridor for the proposed rail link between Bedford and Cambridge will cross Ravensden parish. For more details go to the East-West Rail website https://eastwestrail.co.uk/the-project/central-section

The announcement adds to the importance of preparing our Neighbourhood Plan so Ravensden Parish can have a greater say in future consultations on this scheme.

With an initiative from our Parish Council, an umbrella action group of local parish councils and individuals was set up, this has become known as BFARe (https://bfare.org.uk).  The group has spent many hours looking at information from EWR, Bedford Borough Council, and other sources. There is also very active BFARe Facebook group.

The latest official statement from BFARe is:

“BFARe has been looking into whether judicial review could be used to force EWRCo to reconsider their choice of Route E. We have now consulted our barrister, who is experienced in major infrastructure projects like this one. Whilst the unexplained discrepancies in route costs between 2019 and 2020 could be of legal concern, now is not the time to raise a legal challenge. Our barrister believes there may be further opportunities for a judicial review once the route alignment is published.

In the mean time, to save time and costs, it is to everyone’s benefit – including Bedford Borough Council, East West Rail and the citizens of Bedford Borough – that the preferred Northern Route (“Route E”) through and out of Bedford, should be reconsidered, **now** rather than at a later date.

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